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I will help you transmute emotional suffering and reoccurring unhealthy patterns into freedom & creation.


100% of my clients have succeeded in identifying their unconscious patterns programming, which often has roots in our childhood.


Through an elegant, intuitive and personalized way I will guide you to transmute those patterns, as you embrace your innate gift, start seeing positive results in your life, business & relationships, and embrace living fully.



  • Are experiencing negative patterns (events, emotions, thoughts) and fears over and over again, which make you doubt yourself, your desires and your ability to fulfill them. 

  • Feel stuck in one or a few areas in your life, which leads you to confusion, overwhelm and creates anxiety and stress in your life.

  • Suffer from an imposter pattern ‘why me’; ‘what if I’m not as good’; ‘there are people who are better than me’; etc.

  • Suffer from the pattern of either: non-enoughness; lack of worthiness or powerlessness, which leads to you not showing up in your full light in relationships, work and life.

  • Sometimes think ‘something’s wrong with me’, which manifests in overeating/anorexia, emotional disturbance, inability to express yourself when you're with other people, being easily triggered, etc.

  • May experience feelings such as sadness, grief, anger and not even know where they come from.

  • You’re an overachiever who works very hard, with many passions and talents, yet you have not achieved mastery level in any area, or an area which is a unique expression of who you truly are.

  • You’re an over-thinker, want to control, and desire stability. You want to be guided in a safe environment, to move beyond fears while tapping into, and creating what you truly want.

  • Are willing to see the illusion you created about ‘who you are’ and through that you’re open for the emergence of your true, authentic self.

  • Are willing to break that fear based wall you’ve been building to protect yourself, while creating an environment around you in which it’s safe to open up, express and simply be you.

  • You’re sensitive, kind, respectful, of integrity and are not afraid to align yourself to the highest truth accessible, even if it requires radical changes.

  • You’re called and willing to take radical responsibility in your life through making choices, creating healthy habits, and aligning to your highest potential, because being a role model and creating a peace inside of you is the first step to support our collective process.

  • You have an investment mindset, you know that no investment is too high to be your true self.

  • You’re looking for a guide to help you accelerate, integrate and quantum leap, yet, you’re also willing to put in the work to integrate the transformation in the long-term.

  • You’re someone who adds value, a giver, and honors a sacred mentor-mentee relationship. You look for a community you can lean on and be supported by.




Klementina  comes  from  a  successful  global career  of  11  years  in  both  the  corporate  and  non-profit  sector,  where  she  led  up  to  10 million  dollar  projects and  programs,  predominantly focused  on  driving  change,  innovation  and  transformation.

In  2017  she  moved  to  Bali,  fulfilling  her  dream  to  work  remotely, in the sustainability industry.  In Bali she  had  her  first  spiritual  awakening.  Shortly after, she  had  a  major  breakthrough  through  a  Shadow  Work  coaching session,  when  she  realized  that  trust  is  her  biggest  value,  yet  she  did  not  trust  her own desires and her ability to fulfill them. Seeing clearly her unconscious destructive beliefs, patterns and habits, was a key turning point in her life. She saw how her not feeling like she's enough was at the root of her chronic stress, anxiety, failed relationships and not pursuing her own dreams.


The very thing that was her own biggest obstacle - lack of trust in self and inability to see self as a creator is now her mission. Klementina  is a transformational coach,  guiding  humans  to  transmute  conditionings  and  fears, so they can live a free, peaceful, and joyful life, while creating, and shining a beam of authenticity in the collective. 


Klementina is committed to normalizing deep inner work and the narrative that each one of us has an innate creator pattern and this is the path towards self-realization and taking an active part in creating the new paradigm.

Alchemist of consciousness, sustainability and innovation


The time has come for you to master yourself  your work and your relationships from a space of wholeness and self-love, so you can use your energy in creation & joy. 

I've invested 30K in myself so you don't have to. I will hold a safe and fluid container for you to rise to your next level by using the actual tools that worked for me and my clients so you can quantum leap in the least amount of time. My biggest strength is that I know where the gold is inside of you and I'll help you in a focus manner remove any obstacles to it. As well as provide you with tools to build your castle from the ground up.

Let's build your castle on a solid basis, so you can create bigger wealth in terms of money, love, health and time, and truly enjoy it.  

Work Wth Me


Personalized Coaching

6 months

9 x 90 min 1-on-1 sessions

Unlimited texts & messages

Personalized homework which is all about playing in life

Personalized accountability

Personalized resources & tools


Desire: Tapping into your true desire, from where you get unstoppable self-motivation and drive,

The Shadow: Discovering on a deep level the unconscious aspects of yourself, also known as 'the shadow self', Feelings of shame, anger, limiting beliefs, and unbalanced patterns.

Confidence: Transmuting 'The Shadow' through a unique and effective process that stays with you permanently. Moving beyond the painful story of the past, releasing emotional and energetic blockages and becoming lighter and more fluid in life.

Your Essence: Getting clear on your unique essence (soul mission), and being able to see how integrating 'shadow' is now fuelling the why behind your mission.

Creation: Discovering and pursuing what you truly want in life, without being limited by your subconscious.

Living now: Creating the dream life you desire now and for the long-term,

Resilience: Becoming unshakeable and unstoppable in terms of the outside environment, as you get deep connection to yourself and are able to experience and stay with your emotions.

Wealth: Opening up your wealth portal and receptivity in order to receive and retain money, love, joy, health and time.


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