You are a CEO or a Director of an established business. You have been impacted by the recent global challenge - coronavirus. You’re interested to know how you can be part of the solution, now and once humanity has overcome this challenge. You want to build a resilient business and contribute to our collective resilience and sustainability on this planet. Perhaps right now you’re thinking this is far off because you’re concerned with your own state and the business.

Depending on your needs we may work more on certain business aspects, in general, improvement in one area leads to improvement in others. You can expect personal and business transformation by the experience.


We can help you connect the dots and thrive.

The EH Blueprint results into:

  • Increased confidence & self-awareness

  • Increased understanding of our global context

  • Increased energy fuelled by your brand’s purpose

  • Authentic brand alignment & improved image

  • Strong connection and relationship with clients

  • Employee retention & sense of purpose

  • Attraction to partners and investors

  • Being part of a global community with a vision for the future

  • Implementation of initiatives that tackle the root cause of our society’s global unsustainability

We cover following areas and more:

  • Understanding Global Sustainability 

(origins; the single root cause; potential futures)

  • A vision for your business, aligned to a vision for humanity

  • A purpose for your business, which is aligned to the founder's story and to the vision

  • Regenerative processes & circular economy

  • Shared economy

Chloe Harvey director the Reef- World Foundation

Klementina helped The Reef-World Foundation transform the way we work through income diversification. She helped us see value where we could not, and translated that in the business world. She created a whole new area of work for us, which contributed more than 35% of Reef-World's total annual income in 2018/19 and 2019/20. She helped diversify the charity's income streams by establishing innovative and mutually-beneficial partnerships with businesses and corporations. Klementina's involvement was critical in the development of new innovative product concepts which may potentially scale globally an initiative of the UNEP - Green Fins. The results of her work brought value to the charity, global businesses, the marine environment and local communities. Her work ethic and determination has consistently impressed me.

— Chloe Harvey, Director at The Reef-World Foundation