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She Shall Rise

with Klementina Karol, we start 10th July

Intuitively guided, trusting & receptive in your feminine energy

Relishing life as you show up
In Your Purpose and stand in your worth

Magnetically Confident, free from self-sabotage and blocks from the past, feeling safe to express your truth

A transformational journey of transmuting your deepest inner blocks & self-doubt for good, while becoming magnetically confident and a perfect match to your most aligned version of success, without compromising your soul, health, wealth or relationships.

Are You Ready To:

X Stop dwelling in the pain of not living up to your potential, being held back by feelings of imposter, not being good enough, and something being wrong with you.


Those manifest in your life as procrastination, stress, and self-doubt.

X Stop questioning whether you are capable of creating the success and the money you desire from your own value and on your own terms.


This might manifest in your life as perfectionism, confusion and not really committing to that next level.

X Stop hiding and living in the pain of not being seen, heard, and expressed.


This may manifest as self-judgment in your life now, which feeds the fear of rejection, criticism and burning your bridges, and leaves you feeling not safe to show up

X Stop living from the mind and ‘I know it best’ attitude which gets you completely exhausted, not feeling feminine and not feeling supported by the masculine.

X Stop the addiction to stress, being stuck, and spiraling in the same loops over and over again for good, there's no need to struggle anymore


So You Can:

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Relish life by living in your highest potential now as you trust yourself & life more, and resist less

Have a deep inner knowing that you’re worthy, your service is valuable to the world, and you can create the wealth you desire and be in your calling at the same time.

Feel magnetically confident in expressing your truth and safe being seen which has you being a full f*ck yes in your purpose, pleasure, and the life you’re creating.

Embodied in your delicious feminine energy - you're in an intimate relationship with your intuition and being guided by it, as your outside reflects that back through receiving effortlessly from the masculine, from life, and creating bigger results with ease and flow.

Master your energy, emotions and intuition creating deep inner resilience

You deeply believe you can have it all and it gets to be easy now


This is for you if you are:

A woman in a transition in your work
You've had the traditional success, done the hustle, achieved a lot, yet found something was missing.
Yearning for authenticity and being seen for who you are in the world.
You know you have something unique to offer, you're done limiting yourself.
Your body feels tired and cannot work in the known patterns of stress and being busy anymore.
You're being called to shift to a more feminine way of being and creating, but your mind craves security and knowing 'the how'.
You've had business coaching or therapy in the past, and now you want a holistic approach that can address the root cause multidimensionally through the body, mind, emotions, and energetics + be supported in the application and implementation in your life + decrease stress & overwhelm at the same time. This journey will help you create more space in your life, and more results in a way it feels good for your body + soul.

You feel the need to do things aligned to your energy and intuition.

Other people's 'how to's' don't work for you on the long run. You're motivated to finally trust yourself and create aligned to your energy & body your highest vision.

You're in a space of no returning back, this is your path and you're committed to overcoming your inner limitations so the outer reality can reflect that, and want to do it safely and with the right support.

My Client's Results

  • A new successful venture with money coming in in the first few weeks of working together

  • All metrics of their business increased

  • 79k coming in all at once

  • Reporting very fast manifestations and opportunities coming their way, most of which high net-worth 

  • Feeling significantly more empowered and connected in relation to others, expressing authentically, being visible online, and no longer needing the company or validation of others to feel good

  • Receiving support, protection and providing from the masculine, the whole relationship to the masculine changing

  • Attracting an aligned masculine partner who can hold her 

  • Significantly reducing stress, anxiety, overwhelm and procrastination because of the inner foundations we’ve built

  • Working on her dream now, sharing it with the world and creating consistently

  • Doubled or tripled their rates

  • Had the conversations and set boundaries, without the need to please others, fear rejection or not meeting expectations

  • Created the environment for her feminine to lead, feeling safe, and created bigger opportunities led by intuition

  • She can truly receive messages from her intuition and trust them, and execute now

  • Increasing her upper limits for money, love and pleasure substantially

  • Body changes, from less tension and contraction in the body, to losing weight and feeling energetic, alluring and beautiful

  • Embracing her emotions as a gift and inspiration for her writing, believing she can make money being a writer

  • Client received financial opportunities more than she even thought was possible


Clent L  ve

I’ve been cracked open. I’m not worried about creating anymore, I am creating and I relate to others in a very meaningful way through my medium. I feel a stream of energy has opened, by opening to my emotions, and embracing my fears. There’s so much more acceptance of life events and I have skills and tools to be ok even when a challenging thing happens. I get now why people do this work. There’s no chance in the world I can be taken down from my vibration, I understand on a deep level that it all comes from me now. It’s like a superpower, I have a choice. My relationship with food has changed, I'm listening to my body, I accept others as opposed to trying to change them, I express my needs and I feel embodied in my gifts. I am also receiving a lot in terms of energy exchange, and even $$$. It’s just fabulous, this journey has been incredible.

- Jessica Brown


About Me

I’m Klementina, an intuitive transformational guide and a multi-dimensional bespoke healer. I am here to remind you of your power so you can own your magnetic confidence and unlock the calling of your higher self.

I know exactly how it feels to struggle with anxiety & overwhelm, continuing to question why you cannot rise to your potential, bring your vision alive, and make abundant wealth now, when deep down you know you are meant for this. 

I have created a unique method combining somatic subconscious beliefs rewiring and energetics, which coupled with the support to implement in life, creates long-lasting results. 

This is what helped my clients move from fear, insecurity, shame, second-guessing and self-criticism into confidence, feeling empowered, trusting self, being visible and creating powerfully in their gifts. This is what moved my clients from people pleasing and fear of not being able to make money from their gifts, to clear and powerful no/yes, confidence in boundaries and being in a full f*ck yes in their purpose, in their pleasure and in the life they’re creating. 

I have personally coached 100s of people, from leaders in a transition from a job, to coaches, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Executives and CEOs.

I help my clients create inner alignment so they can have the outside mirror that back in actual results!

My clients trust me because I understand business and how it connects to their inner world, I have high-standards and I encourage and support the integration of our work into their business and success which makes all the difference because you embody the transformation for good. 


About The Journey

A deeply transformational journey of 9 live online sessions of 2+ hours, over 90 days period.

Workbooks + lives / videos + embodiment homework to help you integrate and deepen the transformations.

Personal messages support to help you create long-lasting changes and rise to your authentic success.

A private and safe community space, where you can share, be seen and receive additional support.


You will walk alongside a collective of women just like you, feeling held, seen, and celebrated, with the potential for co-creation.



The Modules

  1. Deeply Rooted, Open & Initiated 

  2. Alchemize Your Wounds to Allow Success

  3. Alchemize Your Wounds to Allow Success - Somatic

  4. Alchemize the Imposter to Allow Success (self-study  - week off)

  5. From Fear To Love

  6. Liberation through Forgiveness (self-study  - week off)

  7. Your Story

  8. Your Genius

  9. Visibility Queen (self-study  - week off)

  10. Your Blueprint to Success​

  11. Embodying The Allure of Your Feminine

  12. Eros + Wealth (self-study  - week off)

  13. Rebirth


Imagine yourself in 90 days:

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  • Clear and aligned to your highest vision with a solid path and all tools you need to rise higher than ever before

  • Free from inner blocks, self-doubt, and imposter feelings, radiating and glowing with confidence

  • Free from overthinking, overwhelm and procrastination because you have an established practice for centering and receiving intuitive guidance

  • Feeling activated and alive by the powerful work you are creating and how you’re showing up

  • All dots have connected around your gifts, purpose & life experiences, your expression and messaging is clear, powerful and magnetic to others.

  • Feeling safe to express yourself and be seen on a greater scale than ever before

  • You deeply believe that wealth and purpose go together, no longer sacrificing your health, relationships or settling for less. 

  • Your body feels liberated from the past physical addiction to stress and needing to work hard, you feel in flow and at ease now

  • You believe that you can have it all, your capacity to receive joy, pleasure, love and abundance has forever been expanded

  • Connected to a community of women who see you, support you and celebrate you

  • You are guided by your intuition and know when to activate the powerful creatrix and executive, which leads to long-term sustainability in your body & business

  • You feel alluring and radiant in your feminine energy, which allows you to be in the receiving and not overgiving, and the masculine really shows up for you.


If you have a coupon, you'll be able to input it during the process.

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