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I will guide you to rise into the CEO of your life and bring your soul-aligned business forward, so you can make the tangible difference you yearn to make and not go another year feeling like you’re hustling, living in financial scarcity and even abandoning your life mission.

I see you!

An empath & visionary coach or consultant committed to achieve financial freedom by living your soul mission, but you still find yourself in loops of unworthiness, confusion and lack of fulfillment.

You've tasted the freedom lifestyle, but you do not make consistent income and live abundantly doing want you LOVE, which starts to impact your self-worth even more.

You bring a wealth of life & professional experience and you're at the early stages of bringing fourth your most aligned service to the world, which is an expression of you.


You’re looking for a guide to help you integrate your totality and provide you with tools to make your unique offering tangible & available to serve other humans.

You have found yourself being inconsistent with ups and down. Now you’re ready to go full in, and become consistent & authentic AF.

You’re doubting yourself and your ability to make it on moments, falling into the trap of confusion. But you’re not afraid to go deep inside and you’re committed to get clearer and more confident of yourself through taking inspired action & doing the inner work.

You’ve realised you’re going to do all these business stuff, and want to do it honouring your values and your authenticity. You’re ready to be guided to take the leap and launch your business successfully with trust, boldness & in integrity.

You know that we all have a play in how our society will evolve and you understand that it's the time for authentic & courageous leadership. You are a human on a mission (Tantra Hatha Yogi; Sustainability Inventor; Financial Freedom Coach; etc) ready to step into your power and to support the collective process.


If this sounds like you - you’re in the right place!


Hi I'm Klementina!


I’ve worked all from leadership roles in the corporate world, to having a key role on a UN environment initiative on sustainability, to launching my first sustainability-driven business and even on designing solutions to the root cause of world’s biggest problems - all to realise that if I’m not creating aligned to my soul mission it will never feel right.


In this program I’ve collected best practices I have used in the past 10 years to go from stuck, afraid and holding myself back; wondering if I would ever feel complete, if I would ever feel empowered working on my dream to solve collective challenges; TO tapping into my own truth; alchemizing my pain into the mission of my life; translating the mission into a tangible service that supports others and waking up fulfilled every morning to a successful business and liberated life.


Using this exact process I had a five figure launch of my very first soul-aligned program - if I could do it, so can you and I will teach you exactly how to do it!!!

I found Klementina by chance on IG and I trusted my intuition to go through this process. Her course was just what I needed. I am so glad that I trusted my intuition. I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed, parts of myself that were holding me back. It’s a wonderful course that helps you in a complete holistic way to understand your purpose here on the planet and to align with your truth and monetize it. Klementina helps you get a clear vision for your business while providing very easy to learn tools that will help you expand your reach in your business and get your future course/business up and going fast. I really enjoyed Klementina’s course and I do highly recommend it.

      - Labrie Melzer



Pillar 1: I Trust Myself (week 1)

Set the baseline for succeeding in life & business utilizing a process I refer to as your healthy model of reality. This will allow you to gain deep life & self-awareness and connection to self so you can trust yourself more, and resist life less. This process sets the stage for tapping into your highest vision.


To culminate experiencing you will get a bonus access to ancient teachings of the Sri Vidya tradition and a Tantra Hatha Yoga practice to access your inner teacher, to dissolve the barriers between the mundane world and the sacred world. This is a tool you can use for a lifetime and as your daily practice. You will also get to make a test which will help you with determine your direction and business idea potentially


Module 1 - Trusting Yourself | Bonus: Sri Vidya philosophy & Inner Teacher Practice | Bonus 2: Shadow Self Test



Pillar 2: Create Your Service (week 2-6)

You're a multi-talented, multi-passionate being with so much to offer - however there's a single soul desire bubbling inside of you that integrates a lot of those passions and talents. Through a simple, yet deeply effective process, you will create and solidify your unique business idea, as well as gain clarity on who you're serving on the most micro level (micro-niche = focus = perfect fit clients = results).


Moving beyond resistance (doubt, confusion, overwhelm, other), you will create your first free online product with an automated email capture and a landing web page. As you magnetize soul-aligned humans to your value-adding free product, you will start building your email list. This is just a predecessor to the real culmination of this pillar, which is creating your soul-aligned service. Having something tangible and so clear will help you to overcome a lot of resistance and gain clarity about your unique service to the world. And wait until you feel the adrenaline by making your first sale in the following 2 weeks.


Self-expression is a big part of this whole experience from day 1 through both video and in writing. This pillar is the tipping point when you will start articulating your soul mission & service with more clarity and magnetism.

Module 3 - Soul Mission to Soul Business | Module 4 - Automate Your Business Funnel

Module 5 - Express Yourself Authentically | Module 6 - Create Your Service



Pillar 3: Living Fearlessly in Abundance (week 8-9)

Enroll soul clients and start leading a movement by living and expressing fearlessly


This is the final phase when you will learn the Art of Sales and prove your concept by making a sale on your Masterclass. Yes, you will enroll your first soul-clients through a Masterclass and me and the community will support you through that beautiful process! This is really a time to celebrate, you've done all the work!!!!


We will complete the overall experience by getting clear on the ultimate holistic success blueprint, getting clear on the most important indicators you can continue pursuing and measuring - from business indicators to your emotional state. Getting to this point is just the start of your soul aligned business & life, so I’ll equip you with just the right tools and mindset to continue pursuing your mission fearlessly and in abundance.

Module 7 -  Enrolling Soul Clients | Module 8 - Holistic Success Blueprint | Module 9 - Living Fearlessly











Signing up for this class was the best investment I’ve yet to make for myself and my vision. It was exactly what I was looking for and SO much more. I stepped so far out of my comfort zone to achieve what I did not know I was able. I am so proud of what I created and accomplished in the past 8 weeks and know I would not be this far along if it weren’t for Klementina’s unwavering guidance and the inspiring support of my classmates. This was an immersive and intimate experience from start to finish. I was constantly held accountable. And was constantly testing my limiting self beliefs to grow exponentially. I am so grateful for what I have learned, on both a business and soul level, and I can’t recommend it enough.

          - Colby C         


These last 8 weeks have flown by but also feel like I have been a part of this journey and community forever. It’s been super challenging and intense, packed with so much useful content, support and guidance and I have grown so much since I began. There were challenging times of resistance and not wanting to show up but Klementina and the team have been so supportive and encouraging. There were times where I felt I was struggling on my personal journey, yet Klementina was so connected to the group, she would pick this up and we would talk and then I realised that I wasn’t going through the transformational period alone. My challenges, emotions and feelings were also my team members too. Going through this work with a group has been so amazing because I’ve never felt alone. Klementina has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has guided me through my pain to purpose in such a supporting, helpful way. Always there when there has been a question or concern. Always encouraging and motivating to keep showing up and sharing her story, I feel such a connection to that. I knew from when I first met Klementina that I wanted to work with her. I loved her energy, values and love for evolving humans. This experience has not disappointed and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this. The course content, personal development, support, community, guidance and love has been epic! I am forever thankful that I was able to be a part of not only a group transformation but I can sit back and reflect on how much progress I have made both personally and professionally. I have a bright future ahead of me with the core foundations of my business in place and I have been able to express my authentic self which is the most wonderful feeling.

- Katie Bird         

I just completed Klementina’s powerful Create Your Soul Business in 8 Weeks Course. The process Klementina developed for the group to go through during the 8 weeks to create our soul business was much more than expected. I faced major obstacles in allowing myself to be vulnerable and seen on camera with the Vlog work, in understanding the knowledge I had to share and how to express it, in working with deadlines to get my work out there in a professional and authentic form, and in learning new technology.
This course became a portal in a way for me to face and walk through my unanticipated fears and limiting beliefs. There was so much support from Klementina the whole way through and from the group, which enabled me to get the work done and transform myself.

        -Annette Frost-Jensen


Q & A

How do I know I'm ready? The individuals best suited for this program are humans on a mission, ready to take full responsibility for their life and express their highest existence through a soul service to the world. Humans who are on a spiritual journey, collective visionaries and freethinkers ready to live in abundance in all areas of their life and with fierce dedication to their mission. This will require courage, stepping out of your comfort zone and changing the ways you've existed until now - you need to be committed and trust the process, the rest will follow.

How long do I need to dedicate to this course? On an average 3-6h per week, consider that some work may take you longer, some shorter. It also depends on how you want to work and how much you can allocate.

What’s the course schedule? Every week you will get video content, 20min 1-on-1 call with me personally coaching you, and once per week there is a community mastermind. Throughout the whole experience you’ll get unlimited whatsapp & email support as well as a 3h private shadow work session in week 2.

Do I have to be present on all calls? Yes, in some instances we can work around it.

This is a big investment for me and I have many questions - who could I talk to? You can book a call here: or email Klementina on her personal email address at and she’ll get back to you within 24h.

What's the return on investment (ROI)?

The cost of this program is low four figures which is low compared to sabotaging thoughts and stories ruling your life and robbing your peace of mind; wanting to be self-sufficient and financially free; feeling so lonely on the journey with lack of support from friends and family; caring more about what others think of you instead of expressing yourself fully and unapologetically; a fear of remaining stuck forever, as life passes you by, which causes you to trust yourself even less.

With the process & tools I will give you, you can return the full investment with one single client, and you can easily have a usd 10K launch of your core offering within 1-3 months of completing the programme.  

I already have a business, is this experience for me? This experience is for people who want to take the next level through a soul business, this can mean launching a totally new business or simply upgrading your current one through product diversification + optimised systems +  more of your authenticity.

Is this a good time or should I wait for covid to finish? We don’t know when covid will subside, but we know that this situation has brought to us a beautiful opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities, transform and create in the online space. The focus of this experience is to help you rise during these changing times and be resilient to the unpredictable future.

Do you provide a refund? If you do all the work and show up to all calls and if you’re not satisfied then we can discuss a refund. It's of utmost important that you get the value and real results. However, refund will not be provided in other cases and the reason for this is because you’re stepping into a much greater version of yourself and this can be scary and subconsciously we as humans may try to go back to seek comfort in our cocoon. I’m going all in for you, so you should be all in for you too!

If you have a coupon, you'll be able to input it during the process.

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