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Can you keep a secret?

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You've been invited.

To step into a mystical experience.

To lift the veil.

To look within.

To look in other people's souls.

To dissolve the shadow, your beliefs.

As you step into your true authenticity.



You, as pure love.

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Editable_Redesign_Instagram Story Templates by Katja-5.png

Expand your horizon and embrace the possibility of meeting someone special now
Forge a genuine connection with beautiful people
Open your mind and have fun in a safe and experiential environment.

Brace yourself for a quirky and fun night of discovery without modern-day distractions (yes, your phone).


Be part of the creation.



All of you is welcome here, as long as you’re contributing to making this event a safe space,  embracing diversity, participating and are open to learning something that may change your perspective of life or relating. 

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Sign me up!


Heart-to-heart connection

Intimate conversations 

Respecting vulnerability

Love relationships

Open-minded fun

Genuine experience

Safe self-expression 

Immersive authenticity     

New perspective enjoyment

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Secret location in Brussels

Private room in a restaurant

What's included?

3 food servings & 3 drink servings in an experiential way

A curated yet spontaneous experience

bringing the best of you and to forge a deep connection

with others

Participation fee: €69

Early bird fee: €55 until the end of 23.11.2021 (Tuesday)

This is your unique invitation to the secret 

Immersive Authentic Relating event.


We have sent this secret invitation to very few.

But first, we want to make sure you're truly ready and all in.

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