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New Year's Portal

30th  Dec - 1 Jan | Gunung An, Ubud, Bali

Enter 2024 in your potent essence


Sisterhood | Rejuvenation | Profound healing

Only 3-5 women hosted by a luxury resort and a visiting world class facilitator who wants to have epic time with you in connection, healing, celebration and honoring as we transition into the new year.

  • An experience of profound healing + deep nourishment in a beautiful setting with an intimate commUNITY

  • A safe and potent space to transition into the new year with renewed energy and focused intentionality

  • Deepen your connection to yourself, your body and your magnetic feminine energy in a way that you can allow more pleasure and deeper love

  • Be held in a sisterhood as you release blocks and close old timelines on a somatic level, and open new timelines of higher frequency


Our Flow is Deep + Nourishing + Fluid

30th December


Flexible arrival + chillout by the pool until the opening ceremony

3 pm - Opening ceremony + intentions setting

4 pm - Subconscious visioning journey to access your heart’s desires and open a new timeline

5 pm - Kombucha time + flexible chillout by the pool / rooftop

6 pm - Vegan dinner

7:30 pm - Somatic Alchemy - Transmute shadow and activate your pure essence to allow the new timeline in your body & whole being (2h)


31st December


9 am Breakfast 

10:30 am - Healing Waters Temple Journey to let go, purify & make space for the new

1 pm - Lunch in an organic beautiful restaurant 

followed by drive back home + flexible chillout time by the pool or spa 

6 pm NYE  Initiation ritual to enter 2024 in your potent essence 

7:30 pm NYE Balinese Vegan Dinner in the resort

9:30 pm Ecstatic dance journey to embody your essence, your feminine energy and vibrate in the frequency of pleasure, love, wealth, vitality and your highest timeline of 2024

00:00 Champagne and sisterhood - co-created, flexible and loving entering into the portal of 2024


1st December:

Fluid pleasure:  Flexible time for breakfast + pool and sauna chillout 

1pm Lunch

2pm Sharing circle to complete the journey and activate deeper into your new timeline supported by sisterhood


We should complete the experience by around 4pm on 1st January


  • 30 min personalized deep healing + coaching session with Klementina to be taken during the journey or after

  • 1 h Balinese massage in the spa of the resort to be booked during the flexible times


    Free use of swimming pool + sauna + all common areas which include yoga shala, chillout areas

And there's more, included is also:


This experience may change flow, based on all participants' agreement, we will be organic, flexible and fluid and we’ll move and flow together in pleasure and honor of each other, our individual energies and what the universe is inviting us into. In the case we choose any outside event to attend, the fee will not be included.

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This is for you if:

  • You are in a transition in your life, in your relationships, work or lifestyle

  • You’re in your healing journey 

  • You are willing to be in your body and participate in the movement and dance journeys which can be quite deep and transformative

  • You may be someone who’s created a lot of the traditional success, at the expense of your body, health or authenticity

  • You want to relish life by allowing more life force, more pleasure and more of your sensual feminine energy

  • You want to connect deeper with the wisdom of your body and desires

  • You want to be in a nourishing space supported by a sisterhood and a world class facilitator

  • You want to start 2024 embodied in your own yummy essence

IMG_5634 3_edited.jpg

Klementina Karol

About the Facilitator

Klementina is an ex-corporate leader and sustainability advocate turned creation coach & somatic shadow work guide to conscious leaders. Having experienced the hustle and the stress of the modern business world and the impact it had on her body (and the planet), she has completely transformed her life. Reclaiming her feminine energy, pleasure, purpose and inner sustainability. She has guided 100s of leaders to connect to their body’s wisdom, trust their intuitive guidance & embrace their magnetic power to serve love, so they can lead the regeneration of our planet and its people.

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A few extra useful things:

  • This is a personalized experience, so I’m here for you to hold space, guide you and support you based on your needs and aligned to the event flow

  • If you need a longer stay here outside of the retreat, it can be arranged possibly. I’m personally staying for the whole month.

  • You can check in earlier normally and get food here at affordable rates if you wish to

  • We can book you transport upon arrival / departure

  • If you have an offering, feel free to bring it and offer it, we may be able to include it in the retreat, because you’re invited to co-create and be in your gifts, or just enjoy and receive - it’s up to you


I’ve been cracked open. I’m not worried about creating anymore, I am creating and I relate to others in a very meaningful way through my medium. I feel a stream of energy has opened, by opening to my emotions, and embracing my fears. There’s so much more acceptance of life events and I have skills and tools to be ok even when a challenging thing happens. I get now why people do this work. There’s no chance in the world I can be taken down from my vibration, I understand on a deep level that it all comes from me now. It’s like a superpower, I have a choice. My relationship with food has changed, I'm listening to my body, I accept others as opposed to trying to change them, I express my needs and I feel embodied in my gifts. I am also receiving a lot in terms of energy exchange, and even $$$. It’s just fabulous, this journey has been incredible.

- Jessica Brown, Writer (1 on 1 client)

I'm deeply honored to host you.

Secure your slot now, as only 3-5 are available in total

Get in touch with Klementina if you have questions or you're a group of people

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