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An Authentic & Powerful 2021 Start


Reflecting on 2020 - this has been a challenging and transformational year in many ways. We’ve witnessed a global crisis, with so many people being affected (not only by the virus, also by fear & trauma surfacing, extreme government restrictions, etc). I have not been talking much about it, since I realized that the best way to contribute is by taking a HUGE leap to be my authentic self & express my gift as a service to other humans. I want to share with you the biggest lessons I learned. Get to the ‘Authentic & Powerful 2021 Start’ exercise – instructions are at the end of the post.

TRUSTING SELF: I started deeply trusting my desires and created in accordance to them. The result is feeling as the authentic me is coming out more every single day; I upgraded my business coaching program to a holistic integrative and expansive experience which reflects what I stand for and creates real and tangible transformations for my clients on multiple levels. if you asked me last year I would not have believed it myself. It’s really all due to starting to trust myself, my desires and my vision. We have to understand that we all have an innate capacity to be the most vibrant, expressive and powerful version of ourselves, to be extraordinary – each and every one of us. And this is what the soul desires, to express itself, expand and achieve greatness! Developing more faith, more trust, more confidence in your own capacity to achieve your goal/calling/soul desire (whatever you call it) as the foundation for the greatness that you’re meant to achieve.

RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Oh, this one! This one goes really deep for me and I believe for our collective too. Do we take radical responsibility for our innate capacity, for the gift we have inside of us which is to be expressed and to serve other people?

Are you living by the ‘I go with the flow and where the wind blows’ vs ‘Life is a miracle, I honour it and I honour my own innate capacity and soul desire, which is the best way for me to contribute to the collective’. I can tell you from experience that the latter one takes so much feakin’ courage, seeing the parts of ourselves we do not want to acknowledge, facing our deepest fears. But there’s so much greatness in it. Do we take responsibility for how we talk and interact with other people, how we make people around us feel? Do we compromise our truth for belonging and not to make other people feel bad about themselves? This has been a huge realisation and finally a huge shift has happened with relationship taking a turn towards harmony in my life – wooow I can’t even express how good it feels. There are much deeper levels to radical responsibility I get glimpses of for my life. My next commitment is to rise beyond the busy-ness and fast driving – both of which are a way to avoid dealing with my emotions and portray a certain image of myself to the world.

INVESTMENT: If we want to change our reality, if we want to become the best version of ourselves, we need to get clear that there is an investment in the form of time; money and getting real with ourselves which can hurt sometimes. In 2020 I was mentored by 8 absolutely EPIC mentors which I truly admire – these are people who are great at what they do. So I invested a loooot of $$$$$$ and about 50% of my time on my personal development. Investment mindset is a key to rising above our limited self, and stepping into our authentically powerful self.

I think those 3 points are really deep and enough for now. If you make an impact on one level, you make an impact on all those levels and your life.

Here are some questions to work through for a powerful and authentic start into 2021 – my end of year gift to you beautiful human!


1. What did I want to achieve by now in my life, but did not achieve it?

2. Which ones of those desires comes from the soul, and which one from the mind – distinguish them?

3. How did I contribute to not achieving those desires, through my own ways of behaving, habits, beliefs?

4. What has been the result of not fully following and not taking full responsibility for my desires and aspirations?

5. How am I sabotaging myself and my highest expression in this world? Think about moments you get angry, stressed, emotionally unstable and notice repetitive feelings, behaviours and cycles. 6. What do I truly desire?

7. How can I bring it to fruition in the smallest scope in 2021?

8. What do I need to change about myself to make it happen?

9. What kind of support/mentorship do I need to invest in in 2021?

10. Envision yourself at the end of 2021 looking back on it, having already achieved your grand desire in a small scope – you can see the path unfolding clearer, you trust the process.

With love,



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