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Where are we as humanity and what’s possible?

We already live in a ‘world of abundance’.

After tens of thousands of years in survival, human species with our cognitive capabilities now skilfully dominate the planet and we have more than enough to sustain ourselves. There’s enough water, food, energy, you name it! The reality experienced or better said created is very different. Mother Earth which provides the conditions for us to survive is being put out of balance, with more resources extracted and used than what can be replenished naturally. Many of the basic needs such as food, drinking water and sanitation, healthcare, shelter, education, access to information are not being met. 1 in 3 people worldwide is affected by malnutrition or chronic food insecurity. Globally, 265 million children are not in school, and nearly 60% of all children don’t meet basic reading and mathematics standards. Most of these are female, and the lack of their education exacerbates another accelerating factor of our global unsustainability, rapid population growth. So one simple conclusion is that even though there is abundance on Earth right now, it is not distributed fairly and rationally. If we truly value life and humanity, then we better address this challenge, so we can achieve self and global sustainability.

So what’s holding us back?

Survival is the first priority for any form of life, including homo sapiens. Our ancestors lived in the wild during 10s of thousands of years, life has been dangerous bringing fear, of vulnerability, of scarcity and of rejection. The danger of aggression from other sapiens, other species or illnesses has nurtured the fear of vulnerability. The danger of running out of resources and poverty has nurtured the fear of scarcity. The danger of being isolated, vulnerable and unable to reproduce has nurtured the fear of rejection. Our defense mechanism, aka as the ego, in response focused on power in order to dominate and control its human, animal and natural environment; compete in order to access and accumulate more resources; and conform in order to be accepted and integrated with the group.

Established on these primitive fears, society’s dominant narrative and mainstream culture define power, wealth and fame as measures of success. Humanity’s survival system or the collective unconscious has stored the collective traumatic memories of vulnerability, scarcity and separation. The compulsive collective behaviors of growth, accumulation, and conformism, are a relief to the existential anxiety generated by these collective traumas, just like an addiction.

A profound and collective change can take place upon the understanding and integration of our past, and the healing of our past traumas.

Reclaiming our self-sovereignty

Allowing ourselves to see clearly, to feel and to allow the possibility of everything. By having a clear holistic vision and understanding of what are the root causes of our individual and collective self destructive behaviors, we are able to address these directly inside and outside of us and therefore, maximise our potential.

It means seeing reality as it is, and being able to distinguish between being a good person and being a good human. Permission to be real. Speaking the truth has never been more appreciated and accepted, especially when embodied in bold action and creation. Self healing and actualisation, a positive and constructive vision for the future will allow you to access a level of leadership that can allow you to move mountains. Once you’ve done enough inner work, then fuel yourself through your ‘why’ to make a big bold impact.

Reclaiming self-sovereignty is not an easy journey, but critical for every individual! So worth it!

Collective collaboration / evolution

Having faith in ourselves and in the process that we’re going through. It is a process that allows us to optimize our potential, to act effectively within our community with autonomy and self determination and act as a unity, one species. In fact a lot of us share common values, such as trust, connection, and contribution. What if we can define values which are common as humanity? Which prioritise humanity over countries, people over profits, and reality over belief? And redefine what success means so we create meaningful society based on collaboration, unity with nature and sustainability. It starts with self-sovereignty and then contribution to the collective!

You have an invitation to step up, for yourself and humanity!


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