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Why I answered the call to SERVE (from PAIN to SERVICE)

The recognition I’m unhappy

A few years ago I recognised that I was unhappy. By this time I had already acquired a lot of skills from my corporate career - including financial savings, I was working in a job that was making an environmental positive impact and I had above average performance, I was living what appeared to be a dream life in Asia. This was literally my dream life, so many things came true - yet something was not complete.

Fighting internal battles

I’ve been fighting many internal battles, such as ‘who am I to do this’; ‘why do I want to speak in public when I have fear of it’; ‘there are more skilled, smarter and charismatic people doing it already’; ‘why can’t I do it right’ etc. For a long time I was working on what seemed to be very exciting projects, but I never saw myself as the creator or the entrepreneur. I launched my first business with the help of one of my coaches in 2017, and this started opening new perspectives for me.

Seeing the light

Doing intense work on myself, I finally put the dots together. The stories of not enoughness I’ve been telling myself are really just stories - the moment I stopped believing in those stories, things started shifting. Synchronistically I also came across more clarity around our collective unsustainability, and how this is directly linked to our individual awareness and self-knowledge. I started paying attention to my desire and I started trusting it. I started doing something I always avoided doing for money before - I started coaching entrepreneurs. Of course I brought some of my spices such as working with people who are human-centered, looking at their limiting beliefs, besides the business stuff. I loved it, although I hesitated moving back to work with corporates for sustainability impact at a scale.

The cherry on the top

Following my desire, I joined a Tantra Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. I was speechless and in wonder about how much I resonated with the Tantric Worldview and the Sri Vidya Philosophy. I am now highly certain that I will remain with these practices for the rest of my life. I stopped seeking spiritual awakening, knowing that this is unfolding with the consistency I put into the right practice and at the same time manifesting my desire to serve authentically in the physical world. One day during a yoga practice it clicked: ‘Why don’t I help Tantra Hatha Yogis spread these wonderful teachings in a way that they can express their truth, who they are and tap into their soul purpose?’. When that hit me I was in wow - my big vision is to help manifest a conscious and sustainable humanity & I see myself as an accelerator collectively & individually. If I help accelerate someone’s business, it better be a person with a healthy & empowering worldview. Now I’m fully ready to serve Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantra SOULpreneurs to become extraordinary beings and serve many people around the world through my process which involves deep inner work + business results.




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