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Why I practice Tantra Hatha Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga for almost 8 years, been on the self-development and knowledge path for more than 12 years and on my spiritual journey (which has been about tapping into my own essence and living aligned to my core cell level truth) for 5 years.

It was just recently though that I’ve realised I’ve been doing it all wrong (especially the yoga world is so off these days)! I do not regret the path, it was probably necessary for me to get here, I’m simply grateful that I came to the right teachings (probably at a time I was ready).

I now practice daily TANTRA HATHA YOGA - a complete practice including asana, savasana, kriya, meditation and mantra. It follows thousands of years proven system, incorporating the Sri Vidya tradition and the Tantric worldview. It’s about weaving all of our wholeness with love & grace, and by wholeness I mean who we really are; what’s our soul’s intention and ability to manifest tangibly in the physical world.

How one may know if the practice is working is by real life indicators, such as:

- Clear mind & clear seeing

- Emotional stability

- Financial stability

- Relationships going in a better direction

- Connection with higher self; and more...

The tradition says that each of our body is tailor made to our soul’s desire and intention, but in life we can get clouded and lose that clear seeing and connection to self. So we practice to remember who we truly are so we can express fully in all areas of our life and master our existence (individually & collective - baaam🔥🔥🔥). This gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it! And it’s a big part of my WHY.

Where am I? I’m currently in the moon practice because of certain tendencies I have such as to sometimes get angry or to get easily bored. I feel like I take life too seriously sometimes - so the next level is probably going to be loosening up quite a bit and tapping more into my creativity, manifesting change and radical expression.

I've been able to connect it to my mission to help humans live our best life and evolve individually & collectively, by helping Tantric Hatha Yogis (and other humans on a mission) create their soul business as expression and service to others. This is very aligned to recent realisations I had that humanity's sustainability is directly linked with us knowing ourselves. And this practice is all about knowing ourselves and coming closer to our true essence.

Shoutout to my teacher Octavio Salvado from The Practice Bali.

Thanks for the read. If you found this interesting get this FREE VIDEO Guide to help you DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE. Enjoy the ride!




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