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Will we THRIVE, and be the change we want to see in the world

We live in an era of exponential growth. Our economies are growing, the global debt is growing (currently at 250% of global GDP), technological growth with potential adverse effects, global inequalities are growing, our environmental challenges growing. At the same time, we get more understanding of humanity and our behavior, thus our understanding of ourselves is becoming increasingly better, our resilience as a collective species is growing as a result of immediate challenges such as Corona, concerning all people on the globe. It’s up to us, humans to drive this growth in the right direction, evolve, and make it human-centered. We have abundance on the planet and our current system is simply unable to deal with distributing it, so at least everyone satisfies their basic needs and everyone has access to education. A threat like the Corona outbreak reveals the cracks in our society’s model. We can see that such a threat does not differentiate people, borders don’t exist, but it is undeniable that the less privileged people are suffering the most, to the point that people die and cannot sustain themselves, and likely someone will have to choose who dies and who lives once hospitals are stretched.

Will we dive into our current unsustainable model of society and just run with it? Will we try to survive, as we’ve been conditioned over tens of thousands of years, and act from a space of fear, scarcity and division? Or will we THRIVE, and be the change we want to see in the world, no matter how small or how big.

The EPIC Humans Collective is a catalyst for leaders who are called to THRIVE and take tangible steps to lead an awareness based transformation with themselves and their businesses, which will have a ripple effect in our communities and long-term for humanity.

We consistently strive to be:

  • Evolutionary - ever willing to grow internally, adapt and contribute to a human-centric and regenerative society by understanding the root cause of our global challenges (Global Sustainability)

  • Peak Performers in our life and in our business, with clarity to act on what is meaningful. (Organisational alignment)

  • Intuitive & self-knowledgeable, able to see and live our own truth and the universal truth, and create from a space of deep inner alignment (Self-realization)

  • Contribute to people and society, fuelled by a purpose and a sense of authenticity.

The 6 Steps EPIC Humans Blueprint equips visionaries with holistic knowledge and tools, resulting in pioneering sustainability policies, programs, and ventures, supported by a human-centric purpose.

Every single human has a vast potential, and unlocking that potential and EPICness is the key for a transition to a new, sustainable and conscious paradigm. A few of us will lead that and through the EPIC Humans Collective we will support each other and collaborate on that journey.

We invite you to be part of that journey. Whether you are a CEO of a business, a Sustainability Director, aspiring or existing Startup Founder or an expert that can be of value to the community, we truly believe in your own unique gift to contribute.

You’re a drop in the ocean, and the ocean itself.


Founder, EPIC Humans Collective


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