In 33 years I did not know myself so well, as much as I know myself now, I have found so many aspects of myself, to the tiniest details. I clearly see myself, I can clearly distinct what I am, what I want, and the shadow I have. I cannot find someone to point at. It's been an amazing journey, it's art, to the deepest level, it's priceless. I became naturally aware of everything.

- Ana Rito | 2020


I am used to doing shadow work as I have been working intensively on integrating the repressed parts of myself for years. The shadow with Klementina was really powerful, shining light to a lot of unconsciousness and allowing to me to integrate on a very deep level. I would definitely recommend Klementina to anyone who is serious about getting to truly know who they are.

- Benjamin Casteillo | 2020


The biggest realization is that I feel that I felt unworthy. That created my passion to help others work through their pains so that they can tap into their inner worth. Change starts on an individual level and that has a ripple effect on a universal, interconnected level.

- Brie Melzer | 2021



⁠For so long, I felt that I could not trust my own intuition. I was on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from feeling empowered in my worth and clear in my mission, to moments of severe self doubt and fear. My doubts felt like they were protecting me from failure, so I clung to them. But the real truth is that I am an intuitive being and if I learn to set myself free from doubt and fear, I can see that I am trusting in a path that will lead to amazing opportunities.⁠

- Colby Casoria | 2021

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⁠My shadow work sessions with Klementina in conjunction with the creation of my soul business were enlightening and transforming. I uncovered limiting beliefs and patterns which blocked me from creating and moving forward with my business. The soul business creation itself became a way to apply what I learned through a deeper trust in myself, creativity and the powerful work I was bringing into the world. In addition, she provided practical tools to align each day, week and month in a forward focused motion to complete what needed to get done.

- Annette Frost Jensen | 2021


After many confusing mornings, I could finally wake up with clarity. I know where I am and who I am. I'm continuously in a positive mood and full of courage. I have control of my negative thoughts in any situation. It's fascinating what might open up when one trusts the process! I witness day by day miracles both in my professional and private life. I am greatly benefiting from this work. 

- Deniz Kazma | 2021



I found in Klementina's process the help I was looking for. By asking me specifics questions I realized that the answers I was looking for were already inside of me. The process is very well built and full of various content, from videos to a workbook to useful web resources. In a short period of time, I dived into the shadows of my past and brought to light the confidence I was seeking for. I recommend her.

- Anne- Clotilde O. | 2021

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Klementina's questions and guidance helped me identify beliefs I was strongly holding onto. Although they were hidden in plain sight, seeing these beliefs is not easy. Klementina helped me recognise them.

- Yorgos Altinzis | 2021





Spectacular. I am having massive insights which I never realized through working with other therapists and coaches, and with Klementina, they happen so fast. 

She brings great clarity, she can translate images, thoughts, and feelings into something understandable. I am convinced she is helping me become who I am.

- Ief | 2022



The coaching with Klementina is the best investment I've done in my life.

- Regan Dauncey Cherfan | 2022