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When I was about 6 years old I moved to the capital with my family from a smaller city. I was bullied for my accent, and I felt different, compared to the other kids in many ways. It was a really competitive environment since early childhood, in which I felt like I'm not enough smart, beautiful and so on. I did not think my parents could help me with this, so I pushed down my emotions and I started dealing with my not enough-ness fears by working hard, being strong and through that achieving recognition. 


Being strong and working hard brought me to having a successful international career of about 11 years - mainly in leadership positions and in most of them I led change, transformation and innovation projects and programs with value of up to 10 million USD. Even though often I over-achieved my goals, there was always a doubt that my ambition, hard work and the big names I worked with such as F500 companies, the UN Environment brought me there, and not my intellectual skills, ability to innovate, or leadership.


In 2016 I moved on from my corporate career and in 2017 I realized my dream to work remotely from Bali.


I launched my first business in 2018, realizing that I can be a creator, I can be an entrepreneur and I was determined to face the conditionings and fears which were still drawing me back into old patterns.


In 2019 over a 'Shadow Work' session I discovered something that completely surprised me, ‘trust’ is one of my highest values, yet ‘I did not trust myself’, my desires, and my capabilities to make them happen. In one single moment I felt as if the cells of my body shifted, I felt the huge amount of stress I was putting on myself, I saw all the stories I’ve been telling myself since childhood ‘I'm not smart enough’; ‘I’m ugly’; ‘I’m not adequate; I’m a fraud; I can’t trust myself, etc. These stories were keeping me in this fear-driven life, which was all about working hard, being under stress, never feeling like I’m enough, or being able to make a bigger jump aligned to my deepest desires.









In 2020 I made a choice to support individuals to discover their soul mission and live their best life - so I started coaching people through 'Shadow Work'. Once I made that choice, I met my current mentor, and I had some of the most profound transmutations of my conditionings, realizations about how a real transformation happens, how to go beyond the mind and how life & creation work. In fact, I realized it’s very simple.


Now I guide people to transmute conditionings and fears, through shadow work and aligning to natural norms so they can activate their inherent soul pattern and create something unique on Earth. A path to self-realization, with results in health, meaningful relationships, and having a beautiful life.

I do this by combining my deepest passions and creative interests, such as spirituality, collective sustainability, psychology, and behavioral change, creativity and community building, futurism, and intuition. It's an ever-evolving process, as I evolve, and we evolve.



Spiral Dynamics, a model of the evolutionary development of individuals, organizations, and societies.

Matrix Drops Table of Elements for understanding in details the levels of individual human evolution, and evaluating where a person is at the moment more precisely, so we can create a plan together on evolving to the highest level possible for them.

Shadow Work, a method for inquiry through which people can discover their own unconscious beliefs and integrate them into conscious awareness.

Productivity with focus on the ability to make choices, creating new healthy habits, increasing focus and attention span which supports meaningful creation.

Natural and spiritual norms which provide guidance to real life challenges, making choices, so that a person can self-actualize and become part of creation itself.

Intuition and the Divining Rod

Alchemy and Symbolism

Ancient history, healing and diseases

Tantra Hatha Yoga


Kovács-Magyar András - Inventor. Alternative Healing. Medium. Founder of Matrix Drops.

Gabriella Flori - Matrix Drops. Productivity. Spiral Dynamics.

Dorota Stanczyk - Coach. Shadow Work. Speaker. Writer. Conscious Creativity Trainer. Founder of Moonkava & NYOUDE

Octavio Salvado - Founder of The Practice Bali & Tantra Hatha Yoga Teacher

Janet Hogan - Shadow Work Coach & Breakthrough Queen

Darren J. Hardy - CEO & Productivity Expert

Aaron Mashano - CEO & Business Coach

Stephanie Hess - CEO & Holistic Business Coach

Brian Rose - London Real Founder & Business Mentor

Katie Byron - Speaker and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as "The Work

William Whitecloud - Founder, Best selling author and Creative Development trainer.

Gerry Murray, Neuro Linguistic Programming Mentor

Benjamin Casteillo - Collective Shadow & Futurism

The Landmark Forum - advanced training

Dr. Gabor Maté - Renowned addiction expert, speaker author 

Carl Gustav Jung - Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.

& others....


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