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6 weeks to transmute your core unconscious beliefs and gain clarity on your soul mission

Discover your unconscious beliefs which create your suffering or stuckness and use those as a fuel for your own mission into this world. I will help you discover that connection and be clear on your gift/soul intention which will become an unstoppable force behind your mission.


The choice:
(week 1)

This experience is the call you’ve been waiting for, you’ve been discovered. You will dive deep into your true desire, into your true vision you deeply know you're meant to live, but currently it's behind a lot of noise, fears, conditionings so you cannot see it clearly. You will make the choice to act based on your vision and to trust the process. And I will provide you a concrete tool on how to do that practically on a long term and daily basis. You will learn how to master your mind better so you can live from a space of love and not fear. This will serve you for a lifetime and will help you integrate the discoveries you will have in week 2.

(week 2)

One thing is to make the choice, yet if one does not believe it on a deep level, it will not happen - now you know the secret! During the second week I will personally guide you through a deep private process of around 3h, to uncover your own missconceptions and conditionings about yourself and the world. You will discover your core destructive beliefs, which stem from childhood and are currently on autopilot in your life, responsible for much of the suckness, confusion, unwortiness and mediocre results you are experiencing. You will also discover the cornerstone of your life right now, which would come from lack, fear, conditionings, and not your true self. Through this process of discovery, you will gain a direct experience of how destructive beliefs work and how did they manifest in your life. Immediately you will feel and be more like your true, powerful and authentic self. 

(week 3)

The depth of the soul is a big question for everyone. Who am I? Where am I heading to? What am I here for? Through a simple process I will guide you to discover your soul mission. We will use several modalities so you can see it and feel it from different perspectives and connect the dots. Through this process you will integrate your past experiences and even discover how those will help you in the pursuit of that mission. Being clear on your why and your unique soul mission will become the driving force behind what you do in your life. It will help you generate and fuel energy, flow with clarity and set the direction for your focused creation. This week will culminate by setting a new cornerstone in your life.

(week 4)


You can create, when you respect yourself, know how to protect yourself and create an environment around in which you can operate with your sage mind and innate creator pattern. In this week, I will guide you through breakthrough ideas and tools which can serve you for a lifetime. Aligning to these norms of life, will support you not only in activating your creator pattern and manifesting yout creation, but also in your relationship with yourself and others, your health, your emotions. This week's peak will be when you make a choice on how you want to create and what are you willing to do to create an environment where creation can happen with joy, flow and abundance.



+ A bulletproof plan on your next steps (week 5)

Self-expression challenge (week 6)


All the reasons that have stopped you in the past (unworthiness, powerlessness, self-doubt, procrastination, confusion, stuck-ness, fears), will no longer phase you. You will feel liberated, and ready to bring your mission forward.  You will trust life more, and resist less.



4 x Video lessons

4 x Workbooks

~9h Private 1-on-1 over zoom with Klementina

Weekly Habits Rewiring Exercises


Bonus: 1 x Tantra Hatha Yoga class; 1 x Breathwork Class


  • Realized you can be a creator, but you are constantly falling back in re-ocurring destructive cycles, self-doubt, fears and conditionings. A feeling of being stuck.

  • Have lack of clarity about how to create from your true self and your next steps, because it's something you've not done before in a way that it worked consistently.

  • Are committed to your transformation, to dissolving illusions and look for a guide to help you discover new perspectives, beyond what you've ever been able to see.

  • Struggle with anxiety, stress, overthinking and simply feel overwhelmed, yet you have a BIG desire and a vision for yourself, and perhaps even humanity.

  • Are an overachiever, with many passions and successes, yet, you feel that you have not mastered one single thing, and you desire to master what you're uniquely designed to to.

  • Sensitive, kind, respectful and desire to create aligned to norms of nature, creation itself, and be connected to an authentic and supportive community and source.

  • Have an investment mindset, know that no price is too high to pay to be yourself




  • Are unwilling to step up and be a leader in your space

  • Are uncommitted to showing and doing the work to grow

  • Uninterested to take personal responsibility for yourself and your results, prefer to blame circumstances

  • Uninterested in taking radical responsibility for self and in every relationship and activity

  • Unwilling to look at self and challenge your core beliefs, behaviors and how you’re thinking

  • Unwilling to make tangible change in your life, upon discovering what will/will not take you to your desired life

  • Are focused on the money, more interested in going wide vs. deep inside

  • Interested in low-ticket information and DIY products over high-ticket transformation products. You're someone looking for the cheapest option and believe you can get the results by yourself.

  • Uninterested in being of service to others and creation

  • Prefers quick results over long-term sustainability 

  • Do not know how to honor people, their service, and their time



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