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How to lead with courage

This is an era of new norms being set

Our society as we know it is evolving faster than ever. Who knows what our lives will look like in a few months, amid covid-19. And this will surely not be the last pandemic, nor is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society. A study of UNEP showed that 75% of all emerging infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic and that these zoonotic diseases are closely interlinked with the health of the Planet’s ecosystems. The biggest challenge of humanity right now is our global unsustainability as a species, which is something we can solve, if we choose to do so timely.

What excites me about this time is that we have an opportunity to reflect on where we are and where we see the possibility to be individually and collectively. Things can shift in any direction, it can become better or worse. It’s up to us to rise up, to heal, to speak up, to act, embodying all that we are so we make sure things shift to better, much better. We can set new norms, and influence the course of humanity through our individual actions, how we influence others and the right type of collaborations.

The new type of growth is internal

Can you imagine knowing how a watch works only by looking at the outside? You may have a lot of assumptions but until you really see the design, the workability, you’re in the dark. Let’s apply that to one of the most complicated designs we are aware of, our own existence as a human being. Can we understand our triggers, our behaviours, observe them and transform them? If we deeply look into our inside, our past, our patterns, our cycles, we get a lot of clarity and wisdom. And what a freakin’ blessing it is to get to know ourselves intimately, to live our truth and to master our own self-existence.

For anyone interested in self-knowledge, leadership and contributing to social change, inner work is a must. By doing our inner work, we can demonstrate integrity in any situation, because we simply know who we are. What a refreshment it would be if people in power know how to drive that power for good?

Get comfortable with constant change and inner work, because things get unfolded as we become ready. And this is simply part of life, let’s enjoy that ride!

Permission to be real, to be yourself

People love realness, and we notice it. How cool is it to be seen in your full power, speaking your truth and having people cheering for you, most of us are working towards a similar vision. We have come to a time when vulnerability is respected, it touches people and makes a difference. If we just let ourselves be seen and take the yearning action burning inside, miracles can happen.

Invitation to activate your conscious leadership

Allow yourself to be yourself, to heal, to be radical, weird so you can create your masterpiece, your self-existence into this world. What has been that burning desire inside of you, that inner fire that comes up on moments when you’re hyped? Get grounded and clear, and simply trust that inner fire. Start with any element of who you aspire to be, and commit to it - it can be a daily yoga practice, a daily post on social media, a call, whatever. The more you do it, the more you become it. Embodying what we stand for and showing up is the deal! Courage is the ability to be self, to share your vision and embody it. And there’s no better time than now, so show up with courage for yourself and for the collective.

*Sources: Victoria Bauman


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