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10 Soul Business Mindsets

A sense of deep fulfillment & worldly success can go together WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET.

Our founder Klementina dedicated her life to sustainability in 2016, when she transitioned from the corporate sector into working only on value adding projects for our collective. It's been quite a ride that took her to many different places internally & externally, finally realizing that sustainability (on a collective & individual level) is an inside job - our inside creates our outside. Our perception of ourselves, how we relate to others & our planet is what determines the outcome for ourselves and the collective.

Here are the '10 Soul Business Mindsets' (which are applicable to life in general too ;)) that we take our clients through, using a deep inquiry process and embodiment tools.

It's not an overnight transformation, even though its inception is just a perception away, or a mindset change away. Take these mindsets, embody them and just witness what's possible.

Healthy mindset, coupled with generating energy and living your dharmic purpose is everything!

During the Soul Business Mindset week of our 'Create Your Soul Business in 8 Weeks' experience, people get multiple transformations in terms of how they see themselves and their relationship to the world. Here are a few glimpses of what our community has experienced:

'Understanding my doubt in trusting my own desires'

'What my resistances look like and how they show themselves'

'The concept of always adding value - relationships, photos etc.'

'Committing to myself and trusting that when I allow myself to be seen and put my work out there, it will be accepted.'

'I am in charge of how I choose to respond to situations/external events. How people behave doesn't determine how I react or affect my vibe.'

'Focus on one thing.'

What's coming up for you? What are you realizing and are ready to commit to?


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